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We offer small and scalable systems

Our ability to build systems at everywhere scale means we can sell individual units as a household device, or sell a modular product to commercial and municipal  customers scaled precisely to their needs.


The Viktig system

One aircela unit, repurposing CO2 around your house into e-fuel for your household's vehicles. aircela's e-fuel powers any gas-powered engine.

Keep your car, drive carbon neutral. Never worry about range. If you're on a road trip, supplement your carbon-neutral fuel with regular gas - you're still reducing your carbon footprint massively. If you have spare, give carbon neutral fuel to your friends and neighbors.


The Grove system

The Grove System is a modular 'rack array' of aircela units, repurposing CO2 around your building into e-fuels for as many vehicles as needed.

Five units can supply a small commercial fleet.  Keep your fleet, drive carbon neutral. aircela's e-fuel powers any gas-powered engine. Supply your truck, car, plant machinery, with carbon-neutral e-fuels.

The aircela system captures energy all day from a renewable source and then fills your vehicles in minutes when needed - zero downtime for your fleet.


The Forest system

Utility scale output to maximize utilization of locally available renewable energy.

The aircela e-fuels are made locally and used like traditional gasoline. Our e-fuels can also be stored easily or transported to where it is needed.

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