Small‑scale systems that make carbon-neutral e‑fuels from carbon dioxide in the air.

The Skarsgård

One aircela unit, repurposing CO₂ around your house into e-fuel for your household's vehicles. Aircela's e-fuel powers any gas-powered engine.

Keep your car, drive carbon neutral. Never worry about range. If you're on a road trip, supplement your carbon-neutral fuel with regular gas - you're still reducing your carbon footprint massively. If you have spare, give carbon-neutral fuel to your friends and neighbors.

The Garden

The Garden system is a modular "rack array" of aircela units installed along with solar panels, making carbon-neutral methanol - a shipping fuel.

The Garden system is entirely off-grid, reducing development times and footprint on the land. As we manufacture more units they will be added to the system - a 'copy-paste' approach that lets us produce fuel while building up production capacity.

The larger the rack array gets, the more the units work together to make the most of local sun, air and water conditions - the system learns how to self-optimize.

The Healdsburg

Utility-scale output to maximize use of locally available renewable energy.

The Aircela e-fuels are made locally and used like traditional gasoline. Our e-fuels can also be stored easily or transported to where they are needed.