Jonny Lowndes February 09, 2023


FEB 9th, 2023 – Manhattan, NY. We are excited to announce that we have closed a funding round with investment from Maersk Growth, the Venture Capital arm of A.P Moller-Maersk.


Aircela was founded in 2019 by Eric and Mia Dahlgren to mass-produce fuels made with air, water, and renewable electricity as the only inputs. Aircela’s mission is to make our technology available to everybody now, at an affordable price, and turn the world's CO₂ into a replacement for fossil fuels.


Maersk Growth’s investment will support Aircela's 2023 plan of field testing and initial manufacturing of refrigerator-sized machines that produce 6kg a day of carbon-neutral methanol, using only air, water, and renewable power as inputs. Many thousands of mass-produced Aircela systems will operate together as 'server farms for green fuel'.


COO and Co-founder Mia Dahlgren said, "We have no time to wait in replacing fossil fuels, and if needed, we will do it engine by engine. We have been inspired by Maersk's brave commitment to fuelling some of the biggest engines in the world with green methanol, and we are excited to welcome them to Aircela". Her husband, CEO and Co-founder Eric Dahlgren said, "Maersk has taken several bold and significant steps towards decarbonization, and we are proud to be teaming up with such a serious player so early in our journey. We look forward to developing the market for green fuels together."


Maersk’s Head of Energy Transition, Morten Bo Christiansen, who is joining Aircela's board as an observer, said, “Cost-effective direct air capture technology can unlock almost unlimited scalability of carbon-based electro fuels such as methanol. Aircela’s technology holds that promise, and I look forward to working with and learning from the team."

About Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the Venture Arm of A.P. Moller–Maersk – with the mission to digitise, democratise, and decarbonise supply chains. We invest in and partner with talented startups, scale-ups, and visionary innovators. We support our portfolio companies' strategic potential and generate value for A.P. Moller-Maersk by leveraging our core capabilities – which we refer to as our ABCDEs: Assets, Brand, Customers, Data and Expertise.​


About Aircela Inc.

Aircela is a Manhattan-based startup developing small ultra-modular systems to convert carbon dioxide from the air into carbon-neutral fuels. Founded in 2019, our approach to green fuels stems from the work of 'Father of Air Capture' and Aircela board member Prof. Klaus Lackner. Investors alongside Maersk include lead investor Jeffrey Ubben, founder of Inclusive Capital Partners, an ESG-focused investment fund, and Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman of Ripple, Inc. and environmental activist. For more information about Aircela welcoming Maersk as an investor, please contact Mia Dahlgren:

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